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The new way to bring your idea to life and win the job

Research it

Collaborative content curation, purpose-built for your treatment workflow

A powerful, end-to-end treatment solution.
Manage your media, draft your content, design and deliver your treatment... all in one place.

Pull still images
and create looping snippets
from any video, with seamless access to your Slate library and
over 500k spots in the Source database
Design it

Building blocks help you create great treatments in a snap

Beautifully designed and purpose-built to bring your creative ideas to life.

No need for technical software skills, just drag and drop elements that automatically look brilliant.

Heading Font
The music video for this track

Iterate on your ideas quickly & fine-tune every important detail

The Right Shot
Intimate Performance Close-ups

Live music has the unique ability to transport people to different worlds, even for a brief moment.

This power can be harnessed in film to create a truly captivating experience for the viewer. From a technical standpoint, capturing the energy of a live performance requires careful attention to detail in the sound mix.

Win it

Bring your treatments into the modern era

Native video playback, stylish interactions, and a graceful mobile experience give your treatments the wow factor.


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  • End-to-end-integrated solution
  • No technical software skills needed
  • Track and measure performance
  • Stills and loops from any video
  • Access over 500k spots from Source
  • Curate media collaboratively
  • Beautiful drag-and-drop building blocks
  • Native video playback and interactions
  • Fine tune every detail
  • Integrated content writing tools