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Simple, intuitive library

Working with all of your content anyone on your team can upload, search and create multimedia presentations in a matter of seconds.

Your work, your showcase

Create endless company presentations and compilations, effortlessly designed with your branding and a piece of cake to share.

Stress–free projects

You won the job, champ. Now you can manage all the files, edits, castings and documents associated with the project in one place — Projects!

Centralise and accelerate your workflow

With Slate you manage your library, pitches and projects all in one place. How come nobody thought of that before?


A powerful media library, built for speed

Slate's simple media management system makes controlling your entire media library a walk in the park. Bulk upload video, audio or imagery directly, and watch while it processes on-the-fly to your preferred format.

Creating presentations, previewing content and browsing for work has never been easier.


Bespoke presentations

With Slate you can create stress-free, bespoke showreels and projects in seconds then share them with ease.

Did we mention how good looking they are? They're RIDICULOUSLY good looking.


Flexible working

You're always on the move and so is technology. That's why you need a system that's flexible and easy to use.

We designed Slate to ensure your work looks its best on mobile devices, tablets and and the web, no matter where in the world you are.

Never miss a lead

Slate keeps you informed the moment anybody engages with your work, allowing you to stay right on top of every opportunity, with Full HTML5 email reporting.

Collaborate with your team

Get the right team members on-board to keep your projects running smoothly. Decide who sees and accesses what content with multiple levels of user visibility and optional password protection.


Hitting the mark

Did your latest presentation have the cut-through you expected? Slate shows you what's being viewed the most and how often so you can fine-tune your approach.

Trusted by forward thinking companies — in over 20 countries

Slate saves us so much time and it’s incredibly simple and intuitive.

Their Slate clip management tool is tremendously easy to use, allows us to quickly build director reels and gives us full control over the content of our website.

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